Lauren and Charles

October 19, 2019

“It was pretty much love at first sight… he’s been my best friend since then.”

How did you meet?

We first met in the freshman dorms at the University of Miami. We are both from St. Louis and had mutual friends from middle school and high school but had never met in person. I messaged him before we got to Miami and we talked a little just about how we were both from St. Louis and then he ended up being on the floor above me in the freshman dorms. Some of the girls on my floor went out with several of the guys on his floor the first night after orientation and we danced that night. He has been my best friend since then.

How did he propose!?

He proposed to me in Hawaii on a beautiful cliff overlook in Kauai at sunset on New Year’s Eve! We had been to this spot the year before when we had gone to Hawaii with his family and this was one of his dad’s favorite places. Charlie’s dad passed away suddenly two years ago and he was such a special person. It meant so much to me that this was the spot Charlie chose for our proposal and it was perfect. I did not notice the photographer who had been photographing us until after he proposed but another perfect thing that happened was that right before he was going to do it, a boy came up to us and asked if we wanted our picture taken and he took a few pictures of us. We say that it must have been Jeff (Charlie’s dad) because the timing was so perfect. After he proposed we celebrated with his family with champagne, dinner, and dancing as we rang in the new year. It was perfect!

Where you can find us

We love to play with our dog, Nelson, and give him constant attention and affection, travel, hike in the mountains, cook (we make blue apron meals together), workout together (most often at orange theory fitness), watch movies, and talk a lot.



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