Hope and Weston

October 1, 2019

“We both agree that, without any words, and any knowledge about one another, there was an instant connection. It’s so hard to explain, but he was truly all I could think about. He barely spoke a word, but I could not get him off my mind. Absolute love at first sight.”

How did you meet?

We met in our high school photography class. He is two years older than me and went to the other school in town, so we did not know each other prior to the first day of class. He was so shy, and would do nothing besides make eyes with me during class. But, he was way too handsome, funny, and smart for me to let him get away with just that. So after a couple of months, I asked my cousin for his number (turns out, they were great friends!). Ever since our very first conversation (about 10.5 years ago), he has been my very best friend.

How did he ask!?

Weston and I were on a trip to Spain, visiting our German and Spanish friends whom we have not seen in a while. We had visited several places, but our final visit was a beach town named San Sebastian on the northern coast of Spain (right next to France). It was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to. It was our very last night of exploring, and we (me, Weston and our friend Nora) decided to ride the trolly to the top of one of the island’s cliffs to overlook the city/beaches. Because it was our last night and we were exhausted, I had decided (for all of us) that we should wear comfy clothes and ball caps. So, when I saw Weston and Nora getting dressed in nice clothes, and Nora putting on makeup, I was slightly annoyed but, ultimately, I ended up succumbing to the peer pressure and I threw on a dress and earrings– THANK GOODNESS! 🙂 Long story (not that) short, we walk to the trolly on the other side of town, ride that baby up the cliff, take some pictures of the view, take a picture with Nora, and then take a picture with Weston. It was after the first click when I no longer felt him by my side, and when I looked over he was down on one knee asking if I will marry him. <3 The best moment of my life. When I finally realize what is happening, I say “YES!” and give him the warmest embrace. Afterward, I look over at Nora and she has a million tears running down each of her cheeks. As it turns out, Weston had told her (about 20 minutes before we left) that he was planning to propose–hence her changing into nice clothes and putting makeup on, with hopes I would do the same. 🙂 Following all of this, we enjoyed tapas and sangria in Old Town–a cobblestone neighborhood/square filled with vibrant shops and restaurants. This night succeeded all of my wildest dreams, and I have the goosebumps just thinking about it.

Where you can find us

Traveling, college football, date nights, having drinks on the couch, watching documentaries & The Voice, playing with our pup (hide and seek, Wrestlemania..the usual), and mostly, spending time with our family and friends.



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